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Tenant Representation

In the world of tenant representation, The Goodglick Company should be considered by you
to be an extension of your corporate staff. Not on behalf of Real Estate, and as your representative, we can work
exclusively on your behalf.

The Goodglick Company brings a focused expertise that the client company doesn't have
and that it absolutely requires to make the best transaction. Here are some specific advantages:

Tenant representatives offer state-of-the-art professional advice based on in-depth market knowledge
and current experience, placing tenants on an equal footing with professional full-time landlords.

Clients obtain objective evaluations of their alternatives, free from any personal bias.

Costs affecting the transaction are analyzed, presented, and documented so that the final
facility decisions can be approved by senior management, based on financial comparisons.

Clients often obtain more concessions, achieve greater lease flexibility and minimize hidden costs because of
tenant representatives' negotiating experience and familiarity with key building and market conditions.

The most objective evaluations of buildings are obtained from tenant representatives, who have
no interest in promoting one building over another.

Clients achieve buying leverage and buying power because of our tenant representatives' expertise and
ability to create a competitive environment among candidate buildings.

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